The Wild Thornberrys was a Nicktoon created in 1998. While notably more modern and serious than Nicktoons before it, the show brought a unique charm with it. The story revolved around the Thornberries, who traveld the world filming a nature show in their motorhome known as the Comvee.


  • Eliza- a not-so-average preteen girl who, upon saving an enchanted tribal magician who had been turned into a boar, was granted the ability to communicate with animals as well as humans. However, the catch is that she cannot tell anyone, or else she will lose her powers. In one episode, she actually does brag about her powers.
  • Debbie- a typical teenage girl who wishes she could live a normal life
  • Nigel- the odd, somewhat dorky, English father of Eliza and Debbie. He is the host of a nature show that he and his wife film. Was given the title of knighthood for unknown reasons.
  • Marrianne- Nigel's wife, who is much more logical than Nigel. She sometimes feels like she isn't a good mother.
  • Darwin- Eliza's best friend, a monkey with a blue and white striped shirt
  • Donnie- a wild boy that the Thornberries found. In one episode, he surprisingly sets the table properly, but forgets how to do it instantly.


  • The Wild Thornberries Movie
  • The Rugrats Go Wild- a crossover between the Wild Thornberries and Rugrats. This is the first time that Spike receives a voice.


The show is available on iTunes


  • Marrianne attended UC Berkeley.
  • A comvee is Australian slang for a motorhome. Nigel being English is likely a coincidence.
  • In an episode based around bats, the Thornberries encounter a man with a vampire-like personality and a Transylvanian accent. He claims he "doesn't drink...maté". This is a reference to a line from Dracula, in which the Count doesn't drink wine and informs the guests in a similar manner. Maté is a South American alcoholic beverage.

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