The Adventures of Pete and Pete was a show on Nickelodeon featuring two boys named Pete Wrigley. Despite this, however, they were never mistaken for one another. The two Petes attend a K-12, as they both go to the same school.


  • Big Pete- a high school sophomore who pretty much narrates the story.
  • Little Pete- a mischievous sixth grader, played by a young Danny Tamberelli. Has a tattoo named "Petunia" who is treated as a main character. In a forgotten short, it is revealed he got the tattoo for his Mom on Mother's Day.
  • Artie- Little Pete's own personal superhero. Introduces himself as "The strongest the world".
  • Joyce Wrigley- The Petes' mother. Has a metal plate on her skull from a childhood accident. It can pick up radio stations.
  • Don Wrigley- The Petes' father.
  • Endless Mike- Big Pete's archrival. The origin of his nickname is unknown, but it is speculated to reflect his perpetual repeating the same year of high school.
  • Mr. Tastee- a mysterious ice cream vendor who is never seen without his costume.


The show is available on DVD.


  • Rock band Polaris did the theme song "Hey Sandy".
  • Mr. Wrigley's car is a Buick Roadmaster wagon.
  • Despite being in separate grades, both Petes can be seen at least once in the same class.
  • During his review of the "Nickcoms", popular internet celebrity Nostalgia Critic talked about Pete & Pete. He commented that he is confused as to why the two are both named Pete. He also mentions that the "Zeke the Plumber" episode is the most well-remembered.

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