Muppet Babies was a cartoon series which originally aired on CBS in the eighties and nineties and was shown on Nickelodeon in reruns. It depicted infant versions of the Muppets living in a nursery under the care of the adult human simply named "Nanny", who was only seen from the waist down. Each episode was created through the imaginations of the Babies. The show was a part of the craze of taking popular cartoons and making junior versions of them. Others included Inspector Gadget with "Gadget Boy" and Tiny Toon Adventures. A reboot debuted in 2018, done in CGI.

Characters Edit

  • Kermit the Frog- the leader who likes adventure
  • Piggy- likes romance and is always acting like a fashion model
  • Fozzy Bear- always acts like a clown
  • Rowlf- a dog who plays piano
  • Gonzo- a weird, alien creature
  • Scooter- a logical type
  • Animal- a wild type who will eat literally anything
  • Bunsen- a scientist type
  • Beaker- a cowardly type who only speaks by saying "meep"
  • Nanny- the caretaker, only her lower torso is seen


  • Popular internet cartoon Strong Bad has him checking one email where he is asked what he and his friends were like during high school. He also includes his "doodle" memory of their middle school years with a parody of Muppet Babies (despite Muppet Babies being more of a preschool show).
  • While on Nickelodeon, the theme song was abridged to make room for more commercials. 27 seconds were removed.
  • one episode parodies The Jetsons
  • the intro references Star Wars