Inspector Gadget is a cartoon which originally aired in the 1980s and shown later on Nickelodeon in reruns. It was a combination of the Six Million Dollar Man and Get Smart. Gadget was voiced by Don Adams, who also played Maxwell Smart in Get Smart.

The show revolved around Inspector Gadget as he tried to protect the world from the evil forces of MAD and the notorious Dr. Claw.

Characters Edit

Gadget- The bumbling half Six Million Dollar Man, half Maxwell Smart protagonist of the show.

Penny- Gadget's intelligent niece and sidekick

Brain- Gadget's anthropomorphic dog. Despite being anthropomorphic, he cannot speak and no one is alarmed by his ability to act human.

Chief Quimby- The Chief of Police who gives gadget his assignments in the form of self-destructing letters. They always explode when Gadget tosses them toward Quimby. These messages are a parody of cassettes which would self-destruct after being played.

Dr. Claw- The notorious, evil leader of MAD. He is never seen aside from his right arm (although his left arm was seen once).

MAD- The evil association Gadget protects the world from. It is never revealed what "MAD" stands for.

Mad Cat- Dr. Claw's equally-evil cat. It is a parody of the cliche of notorious villains having a cat to pet while they watch their monitors.

Gadget Boy Edit

A later show called "Gadget Boy" was created to capitalize on "junior" versions of popular cartoons, featuring Gadget as a child.

Specials Edit

There was a special entitled Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas, in which Dr. Claw disguises himself as Santa Claus and tries to ruin Christmas. It is up to Gadget and gang to stop him and save Christmas. Nostalgia Critic did an episode based around the special as a part of his annual review of Christmas specials over December. He points out how Claw looks short when disguised as Santa, and how the word "Elfen" sounds like "effin".

Film Edit

Many years later a live action film was created to capitalize on the eighties revival craze, but was viewed as terrible and was the subject of a Nostalgia Critic episode. One criticism is that Dr. Claw is seen in full.

Video Game Edit

Video games have been released to various consoles

DVD Edit

The original show is available on DVD

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