Hey Dude was a TV show on Nickelodeon. It took place at a dude ranch in Arizona. The owner and his son were from New Jersey, and were Mets fans (evidenced by the son's baseball cap).

Two stories were typically shown. One was about the main guy involved in an egotistical situation while the other surrounded one of the girls trying to solve a problem.


  • David Brisbin as Mr. Benjamin Ernst, the clueless and goofy ranch owner
  • Kelly Brown as Bradley "Brad" Taylor, a horse trainer from a rich family
  • Debra Kalman as Lucy, ranch hand
  • David Lascher as Ted McGriff, the egotistical senior staffmember
  • Christine Taylor as Melody Hanson, lifeguard and dance instructor from Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • Joe Torres as Danny Lightfoot, a Hopi Native American who was cast after auditioning in Tucson for the role
  • Geoffrey Coy as Kyle Chandler, Lucy's ex-boyfriend's son
  • Jonathan Galkin as Jake Decker, Mr. Ernst's nephew from Los Angeles.
  • Josh Tygiel as Benjamin "Buddy" Ernst, Jr., Mr. Ernst's son. Tygiel was one of 120 Tucson-area boys who auditioned for the series


A few seasons are currently available on iTunes.


  • In one episode, one of the girls tries to be hip by attempting to name popular rap stars. One of the artists she names is "LL Cool Beans". What she was trying to say was "LL Cool J". She also guesses "Run DMV". The actual artist is Run DMC.
  • In one episode, Ted can be seen reading a Wolverine comic. An X-Men comic can be seen in another episode.
  • One episode revolves around a detective theme. One character reminisces about how his son would play a criminal mastermind and he would be James Bond.
  • The set was located about fifteen and a half miles directly east of Tucson, Arizona, in Saguaro National Park.
  • In one episode, Danny hurts his neck from a fall from the ladder and has to be attended to. He is given magazines, one of which has an ad for Schwinn bicycles.
    • He is also given a six pack of Coca-Cola.
  • Popular internet reviewer Nostalgia Critic reviewed Hey Dude as a part of his "Nickcoms" episode while doing "Nickelodeon Month". His main criticism is the majority of each episode involving conversations, which leads him to view the show as boring despite the awesome intro.