Garfield and Friends is an animated cartoon series based on the popular comic strip Garfield. It debuted on CBS in 1988 and was shown on Nickelodeon in reruns in the nineties.

Characters Edit

  • John Arbuckle- Garfield and Odie's owner. A bit clumsy, but also seldom seen.
  • Garfield- a fat, lazy cat whose favorite food is lasagna
  • Odie- a dimwitted dog who lives in the same house as Garfield
  • The Buddy Bears- a group of bears who "always get along" and annoy Garfield with their Broadway-like theme song. They may be a parody of the Care Bears.
  • Nermal- "The world's cutest kitty cat". He is voiced by Desiree Goyette and is obsessed with his cuteness. His voice and personality have led people to believe he is female. He was given a more masculine voice in The Garfield Show. Garfield finds him annoying.

US Acres Edit

The show also featured US Acres, a segment based on another comic strip. It took place on a farm and had nothing whatsoever to do with Garfield (although there were occasional crossovers and cameos).


  • Orson Pig- A pig who acts as the one in charge of the farm.
  • Roy Rooster- a loud and obnoxious rooster
  • Wade- a cowardly duck who always wears an innertube with a duck head on the front that is occasionally animated like he is
  • Bo- a laid-back ram (although seen without horns) who talks like a beatnik. He may be named after the nursery rhyme "Little Bo Peep".
  • Lanolin- a loudmouthed sheep who often argues with her brother Bo
  • Booker- an assertive chick
  • Sheldon- Booker's partially-hatched brother. Only his legs have come out of his egg. He somehow keeps everything he needs in his egg. Despite still being in an egg, he is able to see and do everything else he needs to survive. In one episode, his shell was broken only to reveal another shell beneath it.

DVD Edit

All episodes have been released in the U.S. on five DVD sets by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Trivia Edit

  • Late voice actor Gary Owens had a few roles in the show, including the opening line to the show's theme song.
  • Although most of the show is based around anthropomorphic animals, Odie still acts like a dog, including not being able to speak. It could be, however, that he is too stupid to act otherwise.

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