Figure It Out was a game show on Nickelodeon, done in the style of classic game show I've Got A Secret. In the game, Nickelodeon celebrities would try to guess the secret of the contestant. The secret was revealed at the start of the show, but with a warning to the viewer to "cover their ears and close their eyes" in order to guess along with the panel. If the panelists were unable to guess the secret, the contestant would win a prize.

The show was hosted by Olympic gold medalist swimmer Summer Sanders.


  • The game begins through various yes or no questions, asked throughout the show. A "yes" response would continue that contestant's turn, while a "no" response would transfer the turn over to the next panelist. After awhile, clues come via treadmill, fall on top of everyone, or being brought out. Occasionally the Charade Brigade would act out certain clues. If the panelists were unable to guess the talent for each round, the contestant would receive a prize. At the end of the show, the celebrities would receive final guesses.
  • The description would be placed on Billy the Answer Head. Contestants would have to guess what each word was (save for common words like "the" and "for").
  • Midway though the show, a "secret slime action" would be revealed. Whenever a panelist would perform the action, he or she would be slimed. Sometimes the action would be designed to happen instantly, like "being named Kenan" (in order to immediately slime Kenan Thompson).


Two variants later debuted, which is when many fans believe the show jumped the shark.

  • Family Style- families replace kids
  • Wild Style- animal themed; Billy becomes a llama.


In the animal variant, one kid's "talent" is pigeon bowling.


A revival series debuted June of 2012, with producer Jeff Sutphen as the host. Forty episodes were scheduled. Sutphen has also hosted BrainSurge, the "Countdown" (pre-show) to the 2010 Kids Choice Awards, and 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow. He also produced My Family's Got GUTS, another Nick game show revival.

The revival features an updated set without Billy the Answer Head, but still an answer board. The show is almost entirely the same otherwise.

The show ended in 2013.