Clarissa Explains it all was a sitcom on Nickelodeon in the nineties. It dealt with the life of teenage girl Clarissa Darling, and focused on average teen problems such as annoying siblings and pimples.


  • Clarissa- an average high school student, who deals with problems in unusual ways
  • Sam- Clarissa's friend, who always enters Clarissa's upstairs room through the window (which confuses even Clarissa's father). When his ladder appears at her window, a blues riff plays and Clarissa responds by greeting him.
  • Ferguson- Clarissa's smart, yet annoying younger brother
  • Marshall- Clarissa's dorky father who works as an architect
  • Janet- Clarissa's mother whom Clarissa trusts for advice


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  • Clarissa's favorite band is grunge band Pearl Jam
  • In one episode, Ferguson loses on a game show because he gave the definition of "pie" rather than "pi". Since they are homophones, asking the definition would require clarification.
  • Popular internet reviewer Nostalgia Critic reviewed the show as apart of his "Nickcoms" episode. One thing he commented on is how Sam enters through the window, even agreeing with Mr. Darling "Why doesn't he come through the door?". He claims the show was good, but the theme song was annoying. He also claims Marshall was dull.
  • Basketball star Magic Johnson is referenced in the first episode.
  • Melissa Joan Hart, who played Clarissa, went on to play Sabrina on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  • The show was noted for Clarissa explaining everything directly to the viewers, including having visuals and text written and drawn onscreen. Sometimes, Clarissa would even stop the show to explain everything.